Butoh Dance, Choreography, Performance, Workshops

Basis: classical Ballett, experience with contemporary dance in all facets.
Since 2006 traveling half the globe for intensive workshops and master-classes of butoh dance: Yoshito Ohno (Japan), Atsushi Takenouchi (Japan, Iltaly, Paris, Polen, Bolivien), Semimaru – Sankaijuku (Japan), Yumiko Yoshioka (Berlin), Tadashi Endo (Göttingen), Anita Saij - Nordic Butoh School (Denmark), Imre Thorman Butoh und Noguchi Taiso (Italy), Ephia - Djalma Primordial Science (South France). Ko Murobushi (Japan);
Butoh, bodyweather and blindfold work preferably in nature and outstanding landscapes like rainforest, caves, waterfalls, mountains, gorges, seaside, desert;

Performances: Italien, Warszawa, Paris, Yakushima, Kopenhagen, Wien.
Since 2012 own workshops - always looking for inspiring nature places.

Work with anthropomorphic picture worlds based on photography - dancing of these imagos, bringing them into life.

Experimenting with voice & sound, literatury projects & poetry