Solo Pieces

Concept & coreography: Mirjam Morad 

This dance is based on my own childhood memories as well as of the Gorgon Medusa in greek mythology which came into my mind when I found this snake like wood. The environment of the southern mediterranean landscape with the olive trees, the mudy orange earth, the sound of the cicada and the tremendous atmosphere gave the inspiration for my dance.

Butoh improvisation: Mirjam Morad
Live music by Alessandro Bortolozzi 29.09.2006

Morphia is the female pendant to Morpheus, god of the dreams and changing forms / tranfomationer of human shapes / form.

To start, to come  from ... and the beginning of my name Mor ad and the possibility of transforming into human forms  the god of dreams Morpheus, Morphia, the femal pendant was born.

Castello di Lerici, Ligurien, Butoh Festival 2008

Crazy Soldier
former prison Vico Pisano, 2008

Park, Vienna 2009

Deformed I. - The Insight of the Outsight
Lalish Theatre Labor, Vienna, Sa, 17th March 2012

Lost in Transition I - organic
Deserted railway station, Vienna 29th March 2012

Lost in Transition II - archaic
Recently destroyed airport field, Vienna 30th October 2012

Lost in Transition III - claustrophobic                                                                                                                                                    urban, confinded spatial settings, Vienna 28th February 2014



Solo Improvisation

Yakushima 2007. Within the framework of the Jinen-Butoh-Workshop by Atsushi Takenouchi 

Yakushima 2008 Within the framework of the Jinen-Butoh-Workshop by Atsushi Takenouchi
Isola del Sole, Titicaca Lake, Bolivien 2009. Within the framework of the Jinen-Butoh-Workshop by Atsushi Takenouchi
Echo, Aubrac, Central Plateau South France 2010 within the framework of the Butoh-Workshop by Ephia, Djalma PS


Group Performances

Vie e Mort - Mandala de la transmigration Création 2007
Conception et chorégraphie: Atsushi Takenouchi. Espace Culturel Bertin Poirée, Paris 24. Janvier 2007

Un défilé Yin-Yang au départ de la Place Pompidou
Paris, 23 Janvier 2007

Yin Jang. Improwizacje
TR Theater Warszawa. Concept & Choreography Atsushi Takenouchi
2007, 2008

Crazy Soldier
This performance is an improvisational dance born out of the moment and the impressions of the bleakly atmosphere in this prison. With the engravings on the thick walls, the tiny barred windows, the small doors. As well as the summery of three weeks of Jinen workshop by Atsushi Takenouchi and my view, feeling and desperation on the madness of violence, terror and wars.

Bilder vom Auftritt

Butoh improvisation: Mirjam Morad
Live music: Hiroko Komiya and Atsushi Takenouchi

Kassandra was given the gift of prophecy from Appolo but when she refused to do as he liked he placed a curse on her so that no one would ever believe her predictions. The tragic figure of Kassandra in combination of deep understanding and powerlessness

Butoh improvisation: Mirjam Morad
No music, just natural sounds of the space /parc